About JB Activewear

JB Activewear Primary LogoJB ACTIVEWEAR is the creation of Tom Wheeler, lifelong resident of the windy city of Chicago.  As a young boy, Tom was affectionally nicknamed “June Bug” by his parents and is still called that by his immediate family; hence, the initials “JB” in the company’s name.  Tom is not unique in that thousands of children for generations have been given the nickname June Bug.  However, to express himself and to separate himself from others sharing the same moniker, young Tom created his first T-shirt, one bearing his nickname “June Bug” that he proudly wore.   This led to Tom creating other unique T-shirts that he wore expressing his personal expressions, dreams, and thoughts.  All of which led to Tom establishing JB ACTIVEWEAR.

Tom welcomes you to join him in sharing and enjoying the experience of JB ACTIVEWEAR.